PiBoIdMo Day 25: AJ Smith Goes Over the Limit (plus a prize!)

Writing for Kids (While Raising Them)

ajs_bioby AJ Smith

I have a new idea. Well, it’s a start, anyway, and that’s something important; Something special. Something INSPIRED!

Some writers are intimidated by the notion of idea generation. What is the inspiration for your ideas? Where do ideas come from? How can I create stories and characters that aren’t already told and tired? (How can I write a guest blog for PiBoIdMo that’s not already told and tired?)

Idea generation is my favorite step of the writing process—everything is fresh out of the egg with limitless potential. And it’s one of my favorite topics to delve into with my Children’s Book Illustration students at the college level and also with high school art students (yes, even artists have ideas… twisted, caffeine-induced ideas). Actually, for illustrators, there’s often the related fear of the “blank canvas.” I enjoy talking and teaching about ideas and where they come from because…

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Author: ELJohnsen


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