PiBoIdMo Day 27: Kelly DiPucchio Throws a Dinner Party (plus a prize!)

Writing for Kids (While Raising Them)

author pic kelly sonya color Photo by Sonya Sones

by Kelly DiPucchio

It’s Day 27 of PiBoIdMo and based on all of the incredibly inspiring posts being shared here you must have more ideas than Thanksgiving leftovers. So how do you decide which ideas are keepers? Throw a dinner party!

A few weeks ago with another holiday season looming, I got a sudden and unexpected flash in my mind’s eye of all of my book characters seated together at a long table. I found the image amusing because it’s never occurred to me to put all of them together in the same room. But there they were eating, and drinking, and conversing loudly like they were at a swanky after-Oscar’s party.

Grace Campbell from GRACE FOR PRESIDENT was, of course, talking politics and the upcoming presidential election. Gaston was trying very hard to sip (never slobber!) his French champagne. Alfred Zector was passionately discussing books…

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