PiBoIdMo Day 30: Kim Norman Goes Mad (plus a prize!)

Writing for Kids (While Raising Them)

KimNorman&Bookie_0414reduced Kim and Bookie

by Kim Norman

In a not-very-long-ago life, I was a graphic artist. The first order of business in the ad agencies where I worked: strong slogans. If you were a fan of AMC’s Mad Men, you probably know leading man Don Draper’s alliterative name is no accident. Alliteration is a handy gadget in the ad copywriter’s tool bag. The human ear is tuned and attracted to alliteration. There’s no question alliteration makes a tag line memorable:

“Put a tiger in your tank”
“Melts in your mouth”
“Fly the friendly skies…”

Why not open Don Draper’s bag of tricks for ourselves? First, let’s play with alliteration. Through a random Google search of “things that start with g,” I landed on this helpful page of alphabetically arranged objects:


Scanning the G list, pairing words, my mind positively pops with possibilities.

Gorilla Garden
Grizzly Girl
Golden Galoshes


Open a…

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