Post-PiBoIdMo Day 3: Josh Alves Sets Limits (plus prizes!)

Writing for Kids (While Raising Them)

joshalvesby Josh Alves

I LOVE PiBoIdMo (Thank you, Tara)! I’ve always considered myself an idea person. I’ve got lots of them. I love coming up with ideas, thinking about how they’re formed, what sparks them, what’s behind them.

But taking them and making something out of them? That was another story (figuratively). How do you take an idea from concept to completion?

What I’ve learned over time is that my stories are a product of the process and constraint can cultivate creativity.

It’s great to think of ideas that are outside of the box, but those ideas eventually need a box to hold them. So, setup your sides. Build your box. Craft your story!

One of the most scariest constraints you can establish, and possibly the most beneficial, is “time”.

Give yourself time limits.

Give yourself a “lifeline”. (“Deadline” sounds SO foreboding and intimidating… instead, think about when you want…

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Author: ELJohnsen

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